Steelcase Demo Table – Testers Wanted

We invite you to come and take a test drive of a demo table from Steelcase. It is here for the next week just outside the entrance to the Vitale Digital Media Lab, 1st floor west of Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center. We are considering purchase of this unit for one of our group study rooms. It is designed for small-group collaboration. Read the vendor description.

The system has pucks to connect your laptop to control one or both screens. We have some laptops and an iPad2 available in the Vitale Digital Media Lab next door if you would like to borrow them to try at the Steelcase table.

The system autodetects connected computers through a VGA cable and also has an audio cable. So far, we have had success with Mac and PC (Dell) laptops, an iPad2 and an iPhone – we would like to test connectivity to other mobile devices and laptop models.

We would love to hear your comments on its functionality and possible uses.

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