Paper Cutter

Announcing… the long awaited… the inspirational… the celebrational, the muppetational… (drum roll, please)

Rotatrim M54 Paper Cutter! (ta da!)

Every time someone prints a poster in the lab, they always ask, “Do you have a paper cutter?” to which we always answer, “No, but we have a pair of scissors.” But a pair of scissors just won’t cut it sometimes (no pun intended, I swear.) We considered getting a yardstick and an xacto knife, but our paper is 42″ wide, and a yardstick is only 36″, so we decided to go all out and buy the real deal for you guys. It can handle paper up to 54 inches wide. We’ll either be keeping it on the empty computer table, or stowed away behind the poster printer, so if you need it but you don’t see it, just ask and we’ll get it out for you. Heck, we’ll even let you cut things you didn’t print in the lab. No need to thank us. It’s what we do.

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