CURF Poster Showcase: Fall 2013

Each semester, we delight in attending the Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships (CURF) Undergraduate Research Symposium, where students present their original research on topics from musical topography to slum fires in cities. This September, David photographed some exemplary posters, highlighting their graphic design and visual literacy, popular topics here at WIC.


Jessica Mangin C’14 with her poster “Contemporary Vernacular: Re-valuing Performance and the Architectural Skin”

Jessica Mangin, a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences, explores the balance between architectural design and environmental consciousness in her poster, “Contemporary Vernacular: Re-valuing Performance and the Architectural Skin.”

Jessica Mangin, Fall 2013

Jessica’s poster examines advancements in building materials and technologies that integrate past solutions to modern architectural problems. Her use of perspective as well as juxtaposition of colorful and black and white images creates an architectural floor-plan feel in this poster.

Key visual elements:

  • Effective perspective and depth-perception
  • Juxtaposition of black/white and color images
  • Architectural layout

Davis Butner, also a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences, explores the acoustical and structural intersections of parabolic designs based on the works of Antoni Gaudi and Iannis Xenakis. His poster, “Parabolic Perception,” features large- and small-scale parabolic forms juxtaposed with sketches and images of real-life architectural models.


Key visual elements:

  • Sharp, clear graphics
  • Mix of sketches and photos
  • Black background highlights bright images

View more of our favorite posters on our Flickr set. You can also browse our March 2013 showcase and showcases from years past . We look forward to seeing more amazing student work in 2014!

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